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BSE Bulk Deals and Block Deals

Analyse BSE bulk deals, bulk deals by fii, bulk deals by mutual funds, BSE block deals, block Deal of NSE stocks, block deal by fii and block deal by mutual funds with the help of equityfriend tool to find out which FII, FPI, DII or Mutual Fund is buying and selling stocks. Now you can filter bulk deal and block deal data on three primary criteria’s i.e. Date, Company and Mutual Fund or FII/FPI. By filtering Bulk Deals on the basis of companies, you can also figure out operator driven counters and save yourself from investment disasters. Please choose Deal Type and any of the three filter criteria from the dropdown below and click on Get Bulk Deal/Block Deal Data button to get the date wise bulk deal data, company wise bulk deal data or mutual fund wise bulk deal data. You can use the Reset Data button to reset the data and make the disappeared fields reappear. The data is from 01-Jan-2015 till date. The data can be independently verified on daily basis from Bse India Website.

Bse bulk deal data, bse block deal data and NSE bulk deal data are closely followed numbers in the investor community and many investors keenly watch these numbers on a daily basis. Bulk deal by mutual fund and block deal by fii data enable common investors to see which big FII, FPI, Mutual Fund or HNI are buying and selling various shares. A bulk deal by fii or block deal by mutual fund in a stock doesn't always mean an up move or down move in stock price in a shorter timeframe. However a closer look at the nature and financial might of participants involved in the deal can act as a leading indicator of where the prices are headed. For example, if a big Mutual Fund or FII/FPI buys a particular stock in a bulk deal where the deal has happened in multiple transactions (means no single large seller) then one can be fairly sure of future price appreciation. However, investors should not solely base their decision on the data of block deals and bulk deals. They should study the fundamentals of the company and its past performance before making an investment decision.

Latest BSE Bulk Deals - 01-Jul-2022

Date Symbol Security_Name Client_Name Buy_Sell Quantity Price Trade_Value
01-Jul-2022 AMERISE Amerise Biosciences Ltd NAKUL HASMUKH AMIN B 465222 1.13 525701
01-Jul-2022 BCLENTERPR BCL Enterprises Ltd KAMALL AHUJA S 2000000 2.25 4500000
01-Jul-2022 CFEL Confidence Futuristic Energetech Ltd YASH KELA B 355304 166.45 59140351
01-Jul-2022 CFEL Confidence Futuristic Energetech Ltd BABITA SARAOGI S 247519 166.45 41199538
01-Jul-2022 EARUM Earum Pharmaceuticals Ltd PAYAL BHUMISHTH PATEL S 500000 3.22 1610000
01-Jul-2022 GOEL GREENVALLEY TIE UP PRIVATE LIMITED B 81600 91.05 7429680
01-Jul-2022 IFL IFL Enterprises Ltd AMARBHAI PANCHAL S 18000 79.83 1436940
01-Jul-2022 IFL IFL Enterprises Ltd AKASH PRAJAPATI B 24000 79.80 1915200
01-Jul-2022 JANUSCORP Janus Corporation Ltd RIPALBEN DHARMIKKUMAR PARIKH S 31500 8.30 261450
01-Jul-2022 JANUSCORP Janus Corporation Ltd DHARMIK GIRISHBHAI PARIKH S 52500 8.35 438375
01-Jul-2022 JANUSCORP Janus Corporation Ltd NARENDRA GAJANAN TENDOLKAR B 82500 8.33 687225
01-Jul-2022 JETMALL Jetmall Spices and Masala Ltd GANESH KAVYA B 24000 23.69 568560
01-Jul-2022 JETMALL Jetmall Spices and Masala Ltd GANESH KAVYA S 36000 23.92 861120
01-Jul-2022 JETMALL Jetmall Spices and Masala Ltd KAUSHIK KUMAR SARAWGI B 42000 23.82 1000440
01-Jul-2022 JETMALL Jetmall Spices and Masala Ltd BHARAT KUMAR PUKHRAJJI S 54000 23.72 1280880
01-Jul-2022 LLFICL Leading Leasing Finance And Investment Company Ltd KURJIBHAI PREMJIBHAI RUPARELIYA B 40000 51.00 2040000
01-Jul-2022 MOONGIPASEC Moongipa Securities Ltd YASHWANTI DEVI B 50000 101.79 5089500
01-Jul-2022 MOONGIPASEC Moongipa Securities Ltd PARI SINGHAL S 66153 98.89 6541870
01-Jul-2022 PANTH Panth Infinity Ltd MANISH MISHRA B 70244 44.80 3146931
01-Jul-2022 PANTH Panth Infinity Ltd MANISH MISHRA S 18959 44.90 851259
01-Jul-2022 PANTH Panth Infinity Ltd JATIN MANUBHAI SHAH S 100000 44.90 4490000
01-Jul-2022 SCANDENT Scandent Imaging Limited SHAIBAL GHOSH S 247257 55.40 13698038
01-Jul-2022 SCANDENT Scandent Imaging Limited SHAIBAL GHOSH B 266905 55.31 14762516
01-Jul-2022 STANPACK STANPACKS (INDIA) LTD. BITS LIMITED S 55964 11.05 618402
01-Jul-2022 SUYOG Suyog Telematics Ltd NARIMAN INVESTMENT HOLDINGS PRIVATE LIMITED S 55000 355.35 19544250
01-Jul-2022 TAAZAINT Taaza International Ltd PABBATHI VENKATA MOHAN RAO S 41000 27.19 1114790

What are Bulk Deals and Block Deals?

Bulk Deal - Any stock market transaction that involves buying or selling of at least 0.5 per cent of the number of listed shares of a company is a bulk deal.
Block Deal – Block Deal is a single transaction of a minimum quantity of five lakh shares or a minimum value of Rs 5 crore between two parties which are mostly big institutional players.

How to interpret bse bulk deals/nse bulk deals data and nse block deals data?

Investors should monitor bse bulk deals and bse block deals on a daily basis and keep a watch on following data points

  • Look for stocks with strong fundamentals which are appearing on a regular basis in the bulk deals and block deals. If big institutions are consistently buying stocks with strong fundamentals in large quantity then it’s a good indicator of future price appreciation. Similarly, if the large institutions are selling stocks on a consistent basis, then one can be fairly sure of future price depreciation.
  • Look for stocks with very weak fundamentals consistently appearing in the bulk and block deal list. They might be operator driven and investors should double check their decision before investing in them.
  • Study the profile of financial institutions involved in the nse bulk deals and nse block deals. Huge buy or sell figures by big institutions are often backed by solid research and may indicate the future price movement fairly accurately.
  • The bulk deal activity can also act as a fair indicator of prevailing market sentiment. If the overall market sentiment is bearish, bulk deals on the sell side will be relatively large and if the market sentiment is bullish, buy bulk deals will outnumber the sell bulk deals.

Here is a list of top 20 stocks that are frequently traded in the bse bulk deals and bse block deals. Investors should be cautious while investing in stocks with weak fundamentals which trade frequently in bse bulk deals and bse block deals as they might be operator driven stocks.

Top 20 Most Frequently Traded Stocks in BSE Bulk Deal

Symbol Security_Name No of times traded
PRISMMEDI Prism Medico and Pharmacy 1030
SHAILJA Shailja Commercial Trade Frenzy Ltd 793
SSPNFIN SSPN Finance Ltd 777
BCP B.C. Power Controls Ltd 612
MNIL Mega Nirman and Industries Ltd 583
IFL IFL Enterprises Ltd 548
KAPILRAJ Kapil Raj Finance Ltd 454
VAL Vaksons Automobiles Ltd 442
OZONEWORLD Ozone World Ltd 440
SCTL Suncare Traders Ltd 423
DARJEELING Darjeeling Ropeway Company Ltd 412
NEWLIGHT New Light Apparels Ltd 394
PVVINFRA PVV Infra Ltd 381
AMFL A & M Febcon Ltd 378
VMV VMV Holidays Ltd 370
TAHL Rachana Capital & Securities Ltd 310
GGL Gautam Gems Ltd 307

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