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Fundamental Analysis of Stocks. Plot Net Sales, Net Profit, quarterly profit, Profit Margins and other stock valuation parameters of NSE stocks and BSE stocks

Fundamental Analysis

Fundamental analysis of stocks is so easy now with equityfriend plotting tool. You can pick winners for your stock portfolio by analysing Net Sales, Net Profit, Quarterly Profit, Profit Margins graphically. Investors can easily find out if the company’s revenue is growing, is it actually making a profit, will it be able to repay its debt, is the company management transparent and does the company enjoy competitive advantage in the foreseeable future by plotting charts of year wise and quarterly financial statement data and various financial ratios. Just choose the company below and click on the company parameter you want to analyse. Additionally you can play with the screener below to filter companies based on different financial parameters.

Plot Annual P&L Items (Standalone)

Plot Quarterly P&L Items (Standalone)

Stock Screener - Screen stocks based on Fundamental Equity Attributes

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